About Prender®

Prerender® is a SaaS company founded in 2014. We design SEO software for web developers and marketers that makes your JavaScript website easily indexable by search engines.

Prerender® is owned by the SaaS Group, a portfolio company led by Tim Schumacher and Ulrich Essmann. Tim and Ulrich are experienced technology entrepreneurs and investors. They previously co-founded Sedo.com, the world’s largest domain marketplace.

What We Do

Prerender® is a SaaS platform that makes your JavaScript website SEO-friendly.Before your customer can find your website on search engines like Google, it first has to be crawled and indexed by one of their web crawlers, such as Googlebot. They do this by reading and cataloging a stripped-down, HTML version of your website with the visual and interactive elements taken away. This normally isn’t an issue if your website is built in static HTML, and typically takes just a few days. If your website is made in a JavaScript framework, it’s a different story. While Google can crawl websites built in JavaScript, it’s much harder for them to do. It can easily take weeks before your JavaScript website can be indexed and found in the search results.

If your website isn’t indexed, it won’t be found in search results. If it can’t be found in search results, your customers can’t find your website. If they can’t visit your website, they can’t buy your products and services. The extra time it takes for Google to render and index your JavaScript website is costing you money.

With Prerender®, you have your JavaScript pages fully rendered and indexed in record time and with blazing-fast speeds. Google will see all of your content and links, and get your website in front of your customers in no-time.

Google recommends using Prerender® to get your JavaScript website indexed in their official documentation.